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I am Ahmet Sumer. I have spent the past 20+ years in banking and private wealth management, both in the U.S. and abroad for firms including Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, HSBC and Wells Fargo. I received my undergraduate degree at Istanbul University and then a master’s degree in International Finance and Political Science at the Sorbonne in Paris. I hold designations of Chartered Financial Consultant certified by the American College of Finance and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor and Accredited Domestic Partnership Advisor from the College for Financial Planning.

I am fluent in French, Italian, Spanish and Turkish in addition to English. I chose a word from my native language to name my firm—Yuva is an idiomatic Turkish word that could be translated as ‘nest.’ Its connotation is of a secure and cared for place. This is the feeling I’ve always tried to impart in my clients. My approach is one of delivering a comprehensive wealth management package that begins with listening to each client’s unique needs and ensuring every strategy is focused on what they want to achieve. I support an emphasis on impact investing and doing what is good for society and our environment.


I admire values-oriented companies who aim to create more impact internally and externally by leveraging their core competencies. My core competency is an ability to tune-in with people and identify who they are and what they care about. The key to this process is listening—helping people feel heard so they can develop trust and, therefore, a productive partnership. Applying this within the realm of financial planning to me means that I can help clients break through the industry’s noise in order to align their financial goals with their deepest values. In terms of my deepest values, I ultimately like to see a percentage of Yuva’s profits be channeled to non-profits, particularly those that focus on environmental, social and economic sustainability.

On a larger scale, I believe this shift in focus is already beginning to occur throughout the industry. Algorithm-based trading will dominate the landscape of money-management so advisors need to bring something else to the table in order to justify their utility when compared with self-managed, web-based portfolios.

I truly believe that people are starved for authenticity in the modern world, especially because large financial corporations are so focused on the bottom-line that they cannot take the time to personalize their services. I want Yuva to display an acute level of agility with quick response times, flexibility, and attentiveness. This is possible because the lack of traditional corporate structure allows me to pursue a broad range of a la carte financial products for my clients; rather than being limited to what best serves a parent company, I am free to wholeheartedly pursue what is best for the client.



Yuva carefully selected tru Independence as our partner to provide the highest of quality back office support. The tru team has extensive experience in managing the operations of independent investment advisory firms. They ensure I’m using leading, integrated technology with excellent security measures, operate with the highest of compliance standards and have access to superior, independent analytics and research.

Our dedicated team at tru consists of:

Tami Martin — Managing Director, Operations

Stacy Sizemore— Compliance & HR

Paul Dalton — Chief Technology Officer

Mandi Little— Operations Specialist